Shuvam Manna,
SDE / Designer → Generalist

Hi there! My name is Shuvam and I'm a Software Engineer, Designer → Generalist, from India.

At the moment, I'm Freelancing and Indie-Hacking, working on Projects such as TabTrum. I enjoy clicking Pictures, writing Blogs, giving talks, and playing Music in my free time.

PS - Still waiting for my Hogwarts Acceptance Letter 🦉




What I do?

An approximate lot of things? 🏓

I read a lot and you'd often find me hooked to books & blogs, at conferences & meetups, and cooking up weird, fun, experiments.

In the past, I have worked with Openhouse, I&We, and Calcutta Cacophony. I have led community-building initiatives at DSC HIT and GDG Kolkata, and still continue to be on these Teams.



Web Dev

Playing across Stacks & Building rapid prototypes.


Designing Conversational Experiences.

UX Design

Designing Interface and making them Accessible.


Building interactive communities.

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Talks & Presentations

I'm regular at Community Meetups and Conferences in the city and have speak on the trends in Web Development, Actions on Google, and mixing up different technologies.

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